Magnispot is an inDeap product. inDeap has been active in the print publishing world since 2008. Based on years of experience and projects with customers in 15+ countries we boast in-depth technical knowledge of a wide range of solutions.  We analyze customer projects and advise on what solution would be the best fit for their publishing needs.

About us


We help organizations find and implement the best print publishing solutions to realize, optimize or simplify their print production process. Our customers save money and time and can focus on their core business..


We use the most recent tools and train ourselves in-depth to offer the best solutions and know-how to our customers..


We aim for perfection,
and check every detail before delivery.

We work independently,
and choose the best software, tools and solutions.

We are proud of our in-depth knowledge and know-how
and train ourselves continously to improve our skills.

We help our cusotmers and colleagues in an optimistic way,
full of enthusiasm and drive.

We communicate transparant,
and treat all people in a correct and respectful way.

We act and react fast and pro-active,
and keep our customers, partners, suppliers up to date at all times.

About us