Automate and simplify the production of your printed material in order to save time and money

When print projects get complex
Magnispot comes to the rescue


What if you could streamline your print projects, by easily connecting your PIM system and other datasources through Magnispot to multiple print marketing channels, such InDesign Client & InDesign Server.


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Print automation projects


Azure cloud based marketing hub

Connect data from different sources

Configure and compile datasets

Authenticated multi-language export

Online template preview

Automated production of InDesign and PDF documents

Connect to different print channels


What our customers say about us

  • Roy Eriksson, PIM Business Development Manager
    With the customers previous experience of working with EasyCatalog, Magnispot was the right platform for this case and allowed for a faster print project requiring less customizations and in-depth technical knowledge. The customer required minimal training and the collaborative work and support from inDeap were great!
  • Gunnar Meyer, IT Project Manager/Business Analyst
    Magnispot offers lots of functionality for layouters and greatly enhances the workflow of catalog production, but what really impressed me was the professionality and flexibility of the Magnispot team. The very fast and direct communication with the team coupled with the swift solution finding led our project to success!
  • Steffie Herroelen, Marketing co√∂rdinator

    Making catalogues used to be a difficult and time-consuming effort for the team, but the introduction of Magnispot opened a whole new way of creating and designing catalogues. Nowadays we can create a document with over 300 pages in 5 minutes where this could take days in the past. We are looking forward to use Magnispot to its full potential to create custom catalogues for specific clients and all of this with minimal effort.

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